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Passion Pheromone Attractant for Men or Women 

(contains 0.015% Androstenone by weight in a base of di-propylene glycol and ethanol

 - copulins added to version for attracting men)

1 (.5oz) Bottle of Passion Pheromone Attractant (specify to attract men or women).........$24.95 Add to cart
3 (.5oz) Bottles of Passion Pheromone Attractant
(specify to attract men or women).......$64.95 Add to cart
5 (.5oz) Bottles of Passion Pheromone Attractant
(specify to attract men or women).......$99.95 Add to cart

Blowout! Special offer for resellers (over 28% off the single-bottle price!):

10 (.5oz) Bottles of Passion Pheromone Attractant (specify to attract men or women)...$179.95 Add to cart

        RESELLERS: Make over 100% profit or on this product!  Easily sells for $29 - $59 per bottle!

Order Direct: (315) 695-2256



The first product of its kind to offer an unbelievably potent combination of not two, but THE THREE  most powerful human pheromones legally available: 0.020% androstenone, 0.015% androstenol, and 0.010% androsterone (womens version contains 0.020% androstenol, 0.015% androsterone, and 0.010% androstenone) in  an oil base with a light musky fragrance.  Now our number one best selling product - so effective that it is now consistently outselling all our other products COMBINED!  NOW AVAILABLE FOR WOMEN TOO! Just select "To Attract Men" or "To Attract Women" from the drop-down box in the order screen!

2-dram (7.5 ml) bottle of Alter-Ego Triple pheromone attractant............................$49.95 Add to Cart 



Androstenone Fragrance Additive (Unisex with androstenol)

(contains 0.020% Androstenone and 0.020% androstenol in an ethanol base for adding 

to your favorite cologne or aftershave - or to the fragrances listed below)


2-dram (7.5 ml) bottle of Androstenone Fragrance Additive...................................$49.95 Add to Cart      

Order direct by phone M-F 9AM to 6PM EST!     (315) 695-2256

Passion for women

Extremely effective male attractant for women - concentrated copulins blended in an ethanol base and scented with the fresh, clean scent of Cucumber-melon.  Also effective for men who wish to attract men. Packaged in a convenient 5ml roll-on bottle.  Just a dab on each wrist or on the neck will last all day!

(5 ml) Bottle of Passion Copulin Concentrate for women with roll-on applicator....$24.95 Add to cart



                                         Perfect  Ten 

                                         This is NOT your ordinary run-of-the-mill pheromone spray!

A GUARANTEED whopping 6mg of Androstenone, 3mg of Androstenol, and 1mg of Androsterone are combined with only the purest ethanol available to produce the highest pheromone concentration legally available ANYWHERE!  This is our answer to those who claim to have a stronger product - you won't find ANY other product with a GUARANTEED concentration as high as Perfect Ten - we GUARANTEE IT!  As a pheromone discount supply house, we never intended to carry any of the commercial higher-end products, but after countless emails from so many customers clamoring for an end-all androstenone / androstenol / androsterone product, we developed "Perfect Ten" just for you!  This ultra-potent and carefully balanced blend is packaged in a stunningly classy and elegant colored atomizer (our color choice) to provide you with the most  powerful punch of pheromones available on the market today!  The atomizer is easily carried in a pant or coat pocket, and to those who don't know the power contained within it will simply appear to be a high-end cologne atomizer - no one will know the difference!  The 10 ml atomizer produces approximately 65 pre-measured bursts of pure, powerful pheromones!  THIS STUFF IS POTENT!  Therefore, we provide you with not only the atomizer and the 10-mL of "Perfect Ten" concentrate, but we also include a 30-ml dropper bottle of base ethanol and a blunt-tipped syringe for those of you who wish to experiment with the different effects that are observed with varying concentrations.  This allows for never-before seen flexibility:  it allows for either super-concentrated use, where one single spray is enough to effectively dose you or your entire wardrobe for a week, or the value-wise pheromone user can use it at a lesser concentration, and stretch the number of sprays to over 200.  This blend is supplied unscented, but can easily be added to your favorite cologne or perfume (or sprayed over or under your cologne).  Due to the extreme expense involved in manufacturing this product, this is a non-refundable and non-returnable item.  We simply cannot afford to be taken advantage of by people who use the entire bottle and THEN ask to return it for a refund (and then have the nerve to order it again!).  We have invested a great deal of time, money and energy to bring you this product, and we hope our honest and devoted customers understand.  If you believe in the power of pheromones, this product is for you!  It is 100% GUARANTEED to contain only genuine human pheromones with a guaranteed content of 6mg of androstenone, 3 mg of androstenol, and 1-mg of androsterone - more than ANY other!

FEMALE VERSION NOW AVAILABLE!  Contains 5-mg of Androstenol, 4-mg of Androstenone, and 1-mg of Androsterone, along with 0.25-mL of our Copulin Blend!

Note on Concentration vs. Content:  Some pheromone products list their contents by % weight, some list it by % volume, and some list it by the number of mg of pheromones contained within the product.  While we normally list our pheromone concentration by % weight, most of our competitors do not.  This has evidently sparked some confusion, and we aim here to clear that up.  We quote the content of "Perfect Ten" in mg so that it may be easily compared to other competitive products.  While this is a pricey, high-end item, we are still discountpheromones.com and we will always bring you the best values possible.  With a full 10 milligrams of pheromones, we believe "Perfect Ten" offers the best per-milligram value hands down for this content and proportion when compared to other products.                                                   


Order direct via phone M-F 9AM to 6PM EST!     (315) 695-2256

(10 ml) atomizer of "Perfect Ten" pheromone spray complete with kit*................$129.95 Add to cart

FEMALE VERSION NOW AVAILABLE!  Select "To attract men" during the order process!

    *Includes:  10ml atomizer, 10ml "Perfect Ten" concentrate, 30mL of base ethanol, and 10-mL transfer syringe with blunt tip.


(Choose "Standard Free Shipping" during checkout - all P10 orders shipped via Priority Mail FREE)


Pheromone lotion with Copulins to attract men

(rejuvenating lotion blended with copulins and androstenol)



2 oz bottle of lotion with copulins for women to attract men....................................$14.25  Add to cart

 Bath and Body Works  base lotion - Choose fragrance on order page - choice of Raspberry Blast, Ocean Mist, Orange Breeze or Cucumber-Melon - with no identifying label on bottle to ensure privacy


3.75 ounce bar of glycerin soap with pheromones (specify to attract men or women)......$9.50  Add to cart

Order direct M-F 9AM to 6PM EST!     (315) 695-2256


Please Note: these are fragrances ONLY - they contain NO pheromones

1/3 ounce roll-on vial of concentrated fragrance oil.....................................................$5.00  Add to cart

 Many fragrances available - simply choose from drop-down menu after clicking "add to cart" above.                            


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