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All our products are earth-friendly and NEVER tested on animals!

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Perfect Ten

A GUARANTEED whopping 6mg of Androstenone and 3mg of Androstenol and 1mg of Androsterone are combined with only the purest ethanol available to produce the highest pheromone concentration legally available ANYWHERE!  This is our answer to Primal Instinct - you won't find ANY other product with a concentration as high as Perfect Ten!  Fully TWICE the concentration of Primal Instinct!(tm)






The first stand-alone product of its kind to offer an unbelievably potent combination of the three most powerful human pheromones legally available: 0.020% androstenone, 0.015% androstenol, and 0.010% androsterone in  an oil base (mens version contents).  Laboratory certified and GUARANTEED!






(Androstenone Fragrance Additive)

Ultra-concentrated 2 dram (7.5 mL) vial of androstenone and androstenol pheromones specially designed to add to your own favorite fragrance or choose from the plentiful list of fragrances below!













6 mg of androstenone, 3 mg of androstenol, and 1 mg of androsterone are combined to produce an ethanol-based blend of pheromones that rivals ALL other competitors - NO ONE ELSE can claim a product as potent as this one!  We GUARANTEE it!  If they say they've got a strong product, ask them to PROVE it - with a guaranteed concentration! (Womens formula contains a 5:3:1:1 blend of Androstenol: Androstenone: Androsterone :Copulins)


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Alter-Ego is the first product of its kind to incorporate not only one or two pheromones, but THREE genuine human pheromones carefully blended in an oil base to produce a product that women simply cannot resist!  Contains androstenone, androstenol, and androsterone! Versions for both men AND women!



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Contains an unprecedented 0.020% Androstenone and 0.020% androstenol in an ethanol base for adding to your favorite cologne or aftershave - or to the fragrances listed below.  A unisex product with a very strong female following. Tamper-sealed for your safety.

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Roll-on cologne oils:

Georgio for Women, Red for Women, Eternity for Women, Poison for Women, Obsession for Women, Anais Anais for Women, Opium for Women, Oscar de la Renta for Women, Passion for Women, Liz Claiborne for Women, Polo for Men, Polo Sport for Men, Drakkar Noir for Men, Cool Water for Men, Tommy Boy for Men, CK1 - unisex


Roll-on designer imposter cologne and perfume oil concentrates will enhance your experience with pheromones when used in conjunction with our Androstenone Fragrance Additive or any of our other lightly-scented products. Please note that these DO NOT contain pheromones.

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All-natural glycerin soap made with Pheromones!  Female version is lightly scented with "Voodoo Passion" fragrance.  Male version is scented with "Sex-on-the-beach".  As with all our products, the scents are never "overpowering" and you won't end up smelling "perfumed" after using these great soaps!

Remember to specify "to attract men" or "to attract women" when you order





3.75 ounces of pure, all-vegetable glycerin soap (no animal products) carefully crafted with 0.005% androstenone pheromone.  GREAT new twist on pheromone-therapy for men!!  Translucent Blue in color and scented with the exciting aroma of Sex-on-the-beach.  Powerful method of infusing pheromones into your skin!

And for the ladies...

3.75 ounces of pure, all-vegetable glycerin soap (no animal products) carefully crafted with 0.005% copulin compounds.  GREAT new twist on pheromone-therapy for women!  Deep pink in color and scented with the alluring aroma of Voodoo Passion!  Guaranteed to get results!

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Passion Pheromone Attractant for Men combines a powerful concentration of human androstenone pheromones with a very light, fresh fragrance.  Not a heavily scented preparation, and blends well with other fragrances or colognes.  Also available for women to attract men - containing one of the highest concentrations of copulin compounds to attract men.



Passion Copulin Concentrate is the latest formulation to take advantage of the newly discovered male-attracting properties of copulin compounds.  Great to keep in your purse for those "unexpected" occasions when a little kick is needed to inspire passion from him!  Convenient roll-on applicator means no mess and no fuss!











Finally!  A pheromone product that can be used discretely!  Ladies, carry this pheromone- enriched lotion in your purse and apply to hands and neck whenever you want that extra edge - the best part is that no one will know that you've tapped the power of pheromones just by applying some hand lotion!








Our flagship product - 0.015% 5-alpha-an-drost-16-ene-one (men's version) or 0.015% 5-alpha-androst-16-en-3-alpha-ol (women's version) by weight in a base of di-propylene glycol and SD40-B Alchol (remember: Alchol is actually used in the synthesis of androstenone; alchol does NOT"'destroy" or "damage" pheromones in any way as some misleading competitors may claim). That's a total of 2.25 milligrams of PURE, Reagent-Grade Human Pheromones in EVERY bottle!  (0.5 ounce bottle)

Female version incorporates a 0.005% blend of copulins (to attract men), for added effectiveness! GREAT price on this product!

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Ladies!  Get your man!  This brand new formulation contains a powerful blend of compounds commonly known as copulins.  Base is very light and thin with a fresh cucumber-melon aroma.  This is an extremely effective male attractant! Has been shown to subconciously raise testosterone levels in men by 100%! (5-ml bottle with roll-on applicator).

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Bath and Body Works base lotion - purchased bulk and then scented and colored, this wonderfully rejuvenating lotion is then blended with copulins and androstenol to produce a "secret weapon" of attraction that is not only a powerful tool of attraction, it's also a soothing lotion!  Available in three lovely scents - Raspberry Blast, Ocean Mist or Tropical Rain - printed info is tied to neck of bottle for easy removal ensuring your complete privacy so no one knows you're using it!  (2 oz. squeeze bottle with flip depression top)

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