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In the past four years, our research has shown that it is not just ONE pheromone that is responsible for sexual attraction - it's a combination of three separate compounds: Androstenone, Androstenol, and Androsterone.  Our proprietary, patent-pending Alter Ego blend has been shown in independent lab tests to be up to 11% MORE effective (89% of respondents reacted positively vs. only 79.21% with Androstenone-only) than Androstenone-only preparations.   Not only do we offer the best value for pheromone compounds to be found ANYWHERE, we offer three products that contain blends with THREE pheromone compounds - NOT just ONE! And most importantly, all our products are laboratory certified and guaranteed!

These results were obtained in February 1999 from a study done by Petro Labs and Clark Research Corp. -  independent laboratories.  Actual copies of the original lab reports are available upon request for a small compiling fee (no profit is derived from this fee - it is our actual cost incurred from the labs).

Wondering about APC's claim to be the strongest? 

 We take our claims VERY seriously, and we do our homework.  You can do yours too, just by reading the fine print on the back of their package!

Taken directly from the backing card inside a package of Androstenone Pheromone ConcentrateTM purchased wholesale directly from the factory in December 2001:

First, keep in mind that androstenone is technically chemically classified as a STEROID.  Then read carefully!  If APC contains less than 0.0225 milligrams per Liter of steroids, then it doesn't contain more than 0.0225 milligrams per Liter of Androstenone!  We never bash the competition, but we do feel it necessary to point out such a gross misrepresentation - "concentrate" this is not.  In fact, if you do the math, you will find that our LOWEST concentrated product (PPA), is actually over 6000 TIMES as CONCENTRATED!  Don't belive it?  Do the math:  Our PPA is 0.015% by weight in a 15-mL bottle.  Therefore, each bottle of PPA contains 2.25 milligrams of Androstenone.  Now, since the bottle is only 15-mL, it takes 66 bottles to make up a Liter of product.  Multiply 2.25 milligrams per bottle times 66 bottles, and you get roughly 140 milligrams PER LITER.  Now divide 140 milligrams per Liter by APC's 0.0225 milligrams per Liter, and you come up with about 6666 times LESS pheromones in APC compared to PPA!  The apparent reason for this is simple:  As you can read for yourself in the first line of the fine print, APC is classified as a FRAGRANCE - NOT a pheromone sex attractant.  We may not have pretty clamshell packaging with colored backer cards, but we do have PHEROMONES in our products!   

Our research has shown time and time again that a concentration of 0.015% or greater is necessary to achieve the desired results.  That's where we start our line - at a level PROVEN to be effective - not what generates the most "return on investment".  Due to the high cost of pheromone synthesis, we can't make 15X markup on our products, but what we save on pretty packaging, we pass on to our customers in guaranteed pheromone content.  We enjoy one of the highest repeat customer rates in the industry (over 61%!) and one of the best conversion rates we've seen yet (almost 18% of our visitors BUY our products, compared with a normal average of 1-3% for most retail websites).

Best yet, you've got NOTHING to loose when you purchase from us - if you don't see the results you expect - write us for return instructions and your money will be PROMPTLY refunded!  It's that painless!

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